Traveling Textiles by Cloth Girl

Life Philosophy

Much of my travel has focused on the cultural study of textiles, both ancient artifacts and contemporary cloth. I use textiles as interdisciplinary teaching tools in the classroom and my global perspective continually inspires me to develop future courses connecting history, geography and culture through a study of textiles. I hope this inspired enthusiasm opens my students’ eyes to the multiplicity of cultures available to travelers, to them.

I pass on what I know through mentoring, classes and exhibitions. I spent years working in classrooms as my three sons grew. I always found that textiles were a perfect way to reach children, whether it was a first grade class studying basic needs like clothing and shelter, a third grade studying the Colonial period, or sixth grade studying the Industrial Revolution. Always, textiles could be used to engage, excite and inspire.

By passing on the techniques of creating cloth and sharing the stories of woman through classes and exhibitions, I offer a bridge to understanding textiles and their place in our lives. Textiles aren’t just beautiful objects or fashion plates, but woven histories that can promote understanding of culture, reveal bits of society, and unravel a continuing story through the structures, patterns and colors in cloth.

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